Thursday, 30 November 2017


My WIT is about Volunteering.We emailed brooklands zoo if we could halp feed the animals at the zoo but thay sed no because you had to be 16 years old for health & safety reasons.But thay sed we could make pinatas far the animals to play with so the don,t get borred at the zoo.

how to make pinatas

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Nesquik Is it healthy or not


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  • 10g is the limit for it being health

  • 21g


  • 10g is the limit for it being health

  • 2.8g

  • 400mg is the limit for it being health
  • 80mg.

No its is not health

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Holiday Poem

My teacher thinks I reading but really I'm speeding on my bike around the burning street.

My teacher thinks I am writing... but really I’m in exciting Hamilton on the zooming hamster wheel.

My teacher thinks I am listening...  but really I’m at The Base Shopping Centre blowing all Mums cash like a bomb.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

It was part of my WIT And for practicing information report

Frankley centipedes

Big Yellow Centipede | Please feel free to identify this guy… | FlickrDid you know that centipede may have 15 to 177 legs?
Did you know centipedes are a arthropod.

A centipede is seen easily by its long segmented body. You can tell it is a centipede because it has longer legs than a millipede.  Centipedes can grow up to 2.5cm.

File:Calosoma sycophanta larva eats Lymantria dispar larva.jpg ...Diet
Centipedes eat small frogs and house geckos.  They can also eat big crickets. They love to eat whitetails.  A centipedes mouth has little fangs that comes out of their mouth and kill their prey.

File:Millipede curled.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsProtection
Centipedes curl up into a ball to protect themselves from its predators.  Centipedes have very poisonous claws.  They use their claws to protect themselves.

Did you know centipedes use their antennae to find their way around?

Written by Koby